DES MOINES, Iowa — A photo of a presidential candidate at WHO-HD has gone viral.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was at the Channel 13 studios in downtown Des Moines for an interview in October with WHO-HD Political Director Dave Price.

Before the interview, the presidential hopeful stopped by the green screen where weather forecasts are done.

With some pointers from Meteorologist Jennifer McDermed, Bush gave his best try at the at the weather wall.

The candidate tweeted the photos of his visit.

Reddit users quickly took advantage of the Photoshop opportunities.


Bush crossing the Delaware

The Creation of Bush painting

Bush in the movie, "You Got Served"

Bush meets E.T.

Bush pokes the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Trump holds Bush in his hand

Bush even joined in on the fun by tweeting a picture of one of his favorite.

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